A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold each goat you intend to purchase. The initial deposit may be made via PayPal Friends & Family (preferred method), cash or check (accepted only if there is a sufficient amount of time for the check to clear before your animal is available for pickup). All animals must be paid in full (by cash or PayPal Friends & Family) before they leave our farm. However, if you are purchasing a wether from Runyan Farms, the total amount due must be paid in full before banding, which is normally done at 8 weeks of age.

Please remember when reserving an unborn kid, we do not guarantee coat color or eye color.

Kids are usually weaned between 8-10 weeks of age. If your animal has not been picked up by the agreed upon date of pickup, we may charge a $4.00 per day Boarding Fee. If we extend the date of pickup (due to animal health, travel restrictions, etc.) we will not charge a Boarding Fee.

Livestock which are sold as “unregistered” will be required to have our Scrapie ear tag placed in their ear before leaving our farm. Reservations for bucklings or bucklings we choose to offer for sale intact will have priority over wether reservations. Goats sold as registered or with registration applications will be tattooed before leaving our farm.

Kids will be disbudded, if not naturally polled. All kids will have had 1st & 2nd CD&T shots, coccidia prevention, de-wormed and hooves trimmed.

Each goat will come with a Sales Agreement, which the customer must sign before leaving with their purchase. The Sales Agreement states that the customer has received their animal in good condition and acknowledges that once the animal leaves Runyan Farms it is no longer the responsibility of Runyan Farms.

For Biosecurity reasons, no animal may return once it has left Runyan Farms.